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Vol. 25 No. 4 (2023): Ukrainian Information Security Research Journal
Published: 2023-12-24
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Submitted articles should correspond to the requirements and guidelines, laid down by the journal staff.

Year of establishment: 1999.

Journal is included in the list of scientific professional periodicals (journals) of Certified Staff Evaluation, in which results of thesis works for getting academic degree of Doctor or Candidate of science (in engineering) can be published.

Journal circulation comprises 300 copies. Journal is sent to the reserves of libraries, which list is affirmed by the Ruling of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Higher Attestation Commission №16/5 d/d May, 22, 1997, and also it is passed to the departments of foreign and native sets of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine for the centralized exchange with national libraries and libraries of the leading foreign scientific centers (USA, Canada, Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Uzbekistan, China, etc).

State Registration Certificate: Series КВ № 17079-5849 ПР d/d October, 14, 2010.

Professional registration in Ukrainian Higher Attestation Commission: Enactment d/d October, 10, 2010. № 1-05/7.

Field of science: engineering

Periodicity: 4 times a year

Language: Ukrainian, English

Establisher: National Aviation University

Оnline publication has been recorded in the ISSN Register as follows:
ISSN 2410-7840

Key title: Zahist ìnformacìï (Online)
Abbreviated key title: Zahist ìnformacìï (Online)
Variant title: Ukrainian information security research journal