Vol 2, No 48 (2016)

Table of Contents


Informativity estimation technique of template geophysical field data PDF
M. P. Mukhina, T. A. Yeremeieva 11-15
Algorithm of morphological correlation-extreme navigation system PDF
M. P. Mukhina, A. O. Kuzmemko 16-21
Correlation stereoscope recognition algorithm PDF
M. P. Mukhina, M. I. Panarin 22-29
A digital speech signal compression algorithm based on wavelet transform PDF
G. F. Konakhovych, O. Y. Lavrynenko, V. V. Antonov, D. I. Bakhtiiarov 30-36
The quality assessment of the digital communication channel with the helicopter PDF
V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Zadorozhniy 37-42


Correction of the quality of stabilization systems PDF
A. K. Ablesimov, L. V. Bardon, N. I. Kutova 43-49
Robust gain-scheduled control for unmanned aerial vehicles PDF
О. I. Nadsadna 50-57
Control system algorithms for groups of UAVs PDF
S. P. Borsuk, I. O. Tretiakov 58-62


Computer-aided design syste PDF
O. A. Sushchenko 63-68
Dynamic data integration in the design of complex cad systems PDF
V. M. Sіneglazov, A. P. Godny 69-75
Neural networks module learning PDF
O. I. Chumachenko, I. V. Kryvenko 76-80
Automatic system of linear speed determination PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, E. V. Daskal, O. А. Petrychenko 81-86


Automation of technology of air-to-air refueling regional aircraft PDF
M. K. Filyashkin 87-91
One method to drop the aviation outboard block with variable geometry PDF
N. F. Tupitsin, A. S. Yurchenko, I. C. Stepanenko 92-97
Partial criteria system of estimation of pilot preparedness level before simulator training PDF
V. M. Syneglazov, V. O. Glukhov 98-103
Simultaneous localization and map building for mobile robots PDF
V. M. Sineglazov, R. S. Novodranov 104-108
Integrated navigation complex based on hyperbolic and satellite navigation systems PDF
I. V. Karachynetska, O. Yu. Koljada 109-113


Exponential model deviations in reliability prediction of durable recoverable systems PDF
V. M. Gribov, O. V. Kozhokhina, Yu. V. Hryshchenko 114-121
Modeling of convergent network operation process PDF
О. М. Kucheryava 122-126
Corrected algorithms for pilots testing system based on education process limitations PDF
S. P. Borsuk, A. V. Kusyk 127-131
Investigation of reliability of operators work at fluctuating temperature conditions PDF
N. I. Aralova, O. M. Klyuchko, V. I. Mashkin, I. V. Mashkina 132-139
A visualization of 3d images by back ray tracing: the geometric approach PDF
D. P. Kucherov, K. O. Morgun, T. I. Golenkovskaya 140-145
Mathematical model of distributed transfer information highways PDF
V. V. Kozlovskyi, D. P. Chyrva, I. A. Basyuk, D. O. Volokitin 146-151

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