Maillard reaction in the model system carbonyl-containing compound – amino acis


  • V.M. Rudenko National Aviation University
  • V.V. Yefimenko National Aviation University



model systems, D-glucose, glycine, early stages, intermediates, UV spectroscopy


In the paper there is showed the results of a study of the effect of an amino acid (amine-containing compound) on the course of the early stages of the Maillard reaction in the D-glucose / glycine model system. UV spectroscopy was used to compare the changes that occur in pure solutions of D-glucose and the D-glucose / glycine system at different temperatures and heating times. It is shown that the amino acid not only provides rapid formation of endiol intermediates due to Amadori rearrangement, but also actively intervenes in the further course of D-glucose transformations, interacting with intermediates and even changing the direction of some components of reactions.

Author Biographies

V.M. Rudenko, National Aviation University

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology

V.V. Yefimenko, National Aviation University

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Faculty of Environmental Safety, Engineering and Technology


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