The influence of temperature in the production of intermediate compounds of acid degradation of D-glucose


  • В. М. Руденко National Aviation University



D-glucose, degradation, temperature scale, acid medium, early stages, intermediate unsaturated carbonyl-containing compounds, intermediate carbonyl-containing compounds, Raman spectroscopy, UV-spectroscopy


In the paper there is considered the question of the influence of temperature on the course of the early stages of degradation D-glucose in aqueous solutions in pH range 1,0–7,0. By Raman spectroscopy there is demonstrated that within the temperature limits of 20–95 °C a change in the concentration of intermediate carbonyl-containing compounds (V 1740–1710 cm-1) is observed, which suggests a certain sequence of transformations of the early stages of degradation D-glucose. By UV-spectroscopy there is demonstrated that the formation of intermediates of the early stages of degradation D-glucose [unsaturated carbonyl-containing compounds, including unsaturated ozone (Lambda(max) 225 nm) and carbonyl-containing compounds (Lambda(max) 285 nm )] increases rapidly within the temperature limits of 80–95 °C in pH range 1,0–7,0. It has been shown that, all processes of the early stages of acid degradation D-glucose are slowed down at pH 3.0 within the limits of given temperatures.

Author Biography

В. М. Руденко, National Aviation University

professor of chemistry and chemical technology department, doctor of technical science, professor


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