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No. 23 (2023)
Published: 2023-12-03


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Founded: 2007
Certificate of registration: KB № 13512-2396 from 26.12.2007
Field of science: pedagogical, psychological science
Frequency: 2 times a year
Founder of National Aviation University

Chief Editor: 

Elvira Luzik - Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor, Honoured Educator, Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education of the Educational and Research Institute of the Humanities, National Aviation University, Ukraine.

Deputy editor:

Iryna Zarubinska - Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Responsible secretary:

Anzhelika Kokarieva –  PhD in Pedagogiсs, associate Professor (Ukraine);


Valentyna Bobrytska  – Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Olena Bondarchuk – Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine);

Venter George - Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Hungary).;

Olena Vlasova - Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine).;

Iryna  Volzhentseva  – Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine);

Voshinski Tsezary -Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Poland).

Liudmyla Karamushka - Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine);

Olena Kovtun – Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Tetiana Kyrychenko – PhD in  Psychology, associate Professor (Ukraine);;

Ladohubets Nataliia - PhD in Pedagogiсs, associate Professor (Ukraine);;

Larysa Lukianova – Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Morska Liliia  – Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Nelia Nychkalo - Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor, academician of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.;

Yurii Pelekh - Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine).;

Liubov Pomytkina - Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine).

Rakhmanov Vitalii - Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Nataliia Ridei – Doctor of Pedagogiсs, Professor (Ukraine);

Valentyna Semychenko – Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine);

Oksana Serhieienkova - Doctor of Psychology, Professor  (Ukraine);

Trofimov Andrii - PhD in  Psychology, associate Professor (Ukraine);

Yakovytska Lada - Doctor of Psychology, Professor (Ukraine);



Editorial address: pr Komarova, 1, Kyiv-58, Ukraine, 03680
Tel. (044) 406-77-68, 406-75-40