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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Це подання раніше не було опубліковане і не надсилалося до розгляду редакціям інших журналів (або у коментарях для редактора нижче дані необхідні пояснення).
  • Файл подання є документом у форматі Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF або WordPerfect.
  • Інтернет-посилання у тексті супроводжуються повними коректними адресами URL.
  • Текст набраний 14-м розміром кеглю з 1,5 міжрядковим інтервалом; авторські акценти виділені курсивом, а не підкресленням (всюди, крім адрес URL); всі ілюстрації, графіки та таблиці розміщені безпосередньо у тексті, там, де вони повинні бути за змістом (а не у кінці документу).
  • Текст відповідає вимогам до стилістики та бібліографії, викладеним у Керівництві для авторів розділу "Про журнал".
  • Якщо матеріал подається у рецензований розділ журналу, при оформленні файлу подання були виконані інструкції щодо Гарантій сліпого рецензування.

Author Guidelines


Dear colleagues!

We are inviting you to cooperation with the scientific journal


«Scientific works of National Aviation University.

Series: Law Journal «Air and Space Law»

The journal was added to the list of academic editions of Ukraine, where the results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate

of legal sciences can be published

(Resolution of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine

from 14.04.2005 № 1-05/3; re-registration of the journal, the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 12.05.2015, № 528)


SCHEDULE OF FORMATION, publication, sending

Until 10 of March

(Until 10 of June,

Until 10 of September,

Until 10 of December)

–       receiving of the scientific articles to the journal «Scientific works of National Aviation University. Series: Law Journal «Air and Space Law»

Until 25 of March

(Until 25 of June,

Until 25 of September,

Until 25 of December)

–       sending an electronic version of the journal in «PDF» to the authors


An article must be structured (should be divided into sections with titles) according to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine and have the following elements:

1) problem definition and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks;

2) analysis of the latest researches and publications, where the solving of this problem was started, emphasis on the unsolved earlier aspects of the problem;

3) formulation of objectives of the article (definition of tasks);

4) the main material of research with full reasoning of scientific results;

5) conclusions of the study and prospects of the future researches.

Technical requirements:

Recommended amount of full pages of the article (with figures, tables, references, annotations) is 8–10.

Article should be written in a text editor Word for Windows XP using font Times New Roman (main text size 14 pt with 1.5 intervals and indention 0,5 cm) in automatic hyphenation in the following order:

1) first line UDC (left, top, size 14 pt);

2) initials and surnames (right side, size 14, small letters, bold), scientific degree, academic status;

3) name of the work (in the centre, size 14, capital letters, bold);

4) abstract (not less than 28 words, italic) and name of the article in Ukrainian (size 14);

5) key words;

6) text of the article;

7) references (size 14);

8) initials, last name, title, abstract (not less than 28 words) and keywords in English and Russian (size 14).

References must be referenced in the text in order of mention. It is mandatory to indicate authors, title, volume (number, issue), city of publication, publisher, year of publication, total number of pages of the article (GOST 7 1-84) .

Bibliographic records should be numbered and have links to the source of the text in square brackets.

References to unpublished works are not allowed.

Number of sources used in materials must not exceed 15.

The article should be given in both electronic and paper medium in Ukrainian language in one copy printed in 1.5 spacing A4.

Editorial amendments to articles can be made without the consent of the author.

Article should be given scientific and stylistically edited, proofread. For graduate students, adjunct, applicants academic degree supervisor review should be added. In violation of the requirements – article will not be considered. Separately data on the author's surname, name and middle name (in full), academic degree, academic rank, position, address, phone number (home, office or mobile) must be given.

Published articles reflect the opinions of the authors, which do not always coincide with the opinion of the editorial board. Author is responsible for the accuracy of citations.

Articles are published in author's edition.

Example of the article

Languages of article: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

We accept articles of doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, young scholars (graduate students, adjunct, applicants), and other persons who have higher education and are engaged in scientific activity.

Editorial Staff reserves the right to review, edit, cut and reject articles. Author is responsible for the certainty of facts, statistics and other information. Magazine Reprinting of the journal is permitted only with the consent of the author and publisher.

Editorial fee is 350 UAH per article up to 10 pages, in excess of the volume of 10 pages additional payment is 50 UAH per each page. List of published works is included in the scope of the article. Editorial fee covers costs of editing of articles, printing of the magazine and mail service.

What should be sent?

For the publication of your paper until 10th of June (September, December, March) you should send via e-mail to the editorial office of the journal the following materials:

1) author information: full name, degree, title, position, mailing address, telephone, personal E-mail (as in the example below);

2) article:

3) scanned electronic copy of payment confirmation of editorial fee;

4) scanned review (for authors who do not have a degree), reviewer signature must be certified by the human resources department or the signet of the faculty (institute);

5) article summary in English (abstract must obligatory contain: the article title, name of the author, a summary of the article. The minimum volume of abstract is 2500 signs) (according to the order of MES of Ukraine № 1111 from 17.10.2012. «On Approval of the Procedure of formation list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine»).


The file name must match with the name of the author with a mark: for information about the author – Data, for the article - Article, reviews – Review, for the article summary in English – Abstract.

For example: Doroshenko_Data, Doroshenko_Article, Doroshenko_Review, Doroshenko_Abstract.


Privacy Statement

Імена та електронні адреси, які вказуються користувачами сайту цього журналу, будуть використовуватись виключно для виконання внутрішніх технічних завдань цього журналу; вони не будуть поширюватись та передаватись стороннім особам.