landscape design, Ukrainian ethnic traditions, cultural heritage, sustainable practices, traditional materials, Ukrainian symbols, cultural identity


The article is devoted to the study of the possibilities of Ukrainian ethnic traditions in the creation of landscape design. The key elements of Ukrainian culture, which can be used to improve modern landscape design, have been studied. Ukrainian culture places a strong emphasis on harmony with nature, which is reflected in the traditional use of natural materials and the integration of natural elements into the practice of landscape design. Embroidery and weaving, as a type of Ukrainian folk art, also contains patterns and motifs that can be used in landscape design. The importance of preserving cultural heritage in landscape design is emphasized. Recommendations regarding the inclusion of Ukrainian ethnic traditions in modern landscape design have been formulated. This is the use of natural materials and textures, traditional plants, symbols, elements of Ukrainian patterns and motifs. Attention is focused on the importance of involving local communities in landscape design projects for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The potential of Ukrainian ethnicity for improving modern landscape design and promoting the preservation of cultural heritage has been demonstrated. The importance of continuing research in this field for further development and improvement of landscape design strategies is emphasized.


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