дизайн устілок, моделювання форми, здоров’я, ергономічні ортопедичні устілки, друк на 3Д принтері


The article discusses one of the directions of the joint Japanese-Ukrainian cooperation project of Toyo University in Tokyo and the National Aviation University in Kyiv. As a result of cooperation, NAU student from the Department of Interior Design took part in the project of the Department of Design in Human Life and Environment from Toyo University dedicated to the development of insole design. The impact of shoes on the health of the feet and the entire human body was analyzed, the criteria for creating insoles and manufacturing a real product were considered. Headache, pain in the neck, spine and lower back, discomfort in the joints – these and many other problems can be the result of wearing uncomfortable shoes. The foot is a person's support, on which the main load falls during walking, running and even in a quiet position, when the weight of our body falls entirely on the lower limbs. Not only the health of the feet, but also the joints, spine, blood vessels and even internal organs depends on the condition of the foot. Comfortable shoes allow a modern person to move freely in the right direction. An important element of comfortable shoes is the insole. There is a great variety of them. In order to choose the most practical type of insoles, it is necessary to understand the difference between them, their features. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of insoles on human health, experimental studies of the distribution of load on human feet, selection of the appropriate form and material, and, most importantly, practical manufacture of insoles taking into account the results of research and analytical activities. A perfect analysis of the manufacturing materials, the shape of the insoles was conducted and a number of practical advantages were revealed, which play an important role in choosing the most optimal option. It was found that special shoe inserts, which support our feet in the correct position, perform an additional cushioning function and contribute to the even distribution of the load over the entire leg. By appointment, they are curative and prophylactic. The first ones, as a rule, are selected by an orthopedic doctor and are used to correct certain pathologies of the feet. As for preventive ortho insoles, they are recommended to be worn even by those who have not yet had time to face any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but have a tendency to them or feel heavy loads on the lower limbs. Depending on the purpose, such inserts in shoes will differ in design, degree of rigidity, material of manufacture and other specific features.The insoles, modeled according to individual parameters directly on the leg, will repeat the relief of the foot as accurately as possible, and therefore will help to achieve a positive effect much faster and better. Thus, Japanese specialists from the Department of Design in Human Life and Environment from Toyo University include in the training program of their students: 1) ergonomic studies of human movement and load distribution; 2) on the basis of the conducted research, development of the optimal form of the product; 3) production of the designed product using innovative technologies, in this particular case using a 3D printer; 4) checking the effectiveness of the developed product; 5) creation of an advertising prospectus for the developed product.

Author Biography

Olena Sidorova, National Aviation University

Senior Lecturer


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