criminal proceedings, procedural activity, procedural documents, forms of fixation in criminal proceedings


Review of the practical manual OS Oliynyk, OP Babikova "Forms of fixation in the criminal process of Ukraine (theoretical aspect and samples of procedural documents)".

In 2012, a new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine was adopted, but despite the fact that this Law for the first time for the criminal process of Ukraine regulates the use of electronic information systems, regulates in detail the procedure, conditions and forms of technical means, initiated informatization of criminal proceedings continues to develop.

Along with the use of ordinary paper forms of procedural documents, the share of electronic documents, technical recording of procedural actions and decisions is constantly increasing every year.

Translating pre-trial investigation and trial into electronic form is considered to be the most effective means of ensuring equality of arms and adversarial proceedings.

Acquiring knowledge and skills about the forms and methods of fixation in criminal proceedings, about the peculiarities of the use of electronic information systems, their capabilities, the separation of mandatory paper and electronic forms becomes an urgent need for all participants in criminal proceedings.

Relevant and timely in this area is a peer-reviewed practical guide, which explores the forms of recording procedural actions and decisions in criminal proceedings, reflects the features of the use of electronic systems in pre-trial investigation and trial of criminal proceedings, provides samples of the most common procedural documents. proceedings.

Reviewers note that the practical guide OS Oliynyk, OP Babikova is a significant contribution to solving complex theoretical and applied problems of criminal procedural law of Ukraine. A significant amount of materials of criminal proceedings, lawyer's files, analytical and research materials of law enforcement agencies, judicial practice were used.

Theoretical substantiations, conclusions and samples of procedural documents of participants of criminal proceedings are of considerable interest both for legal science, and for practical activity of law enforcement and judicial bodies.

Author Biographies

Sofia Lykhova, National Aviation University

Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure

Iryna Litvinova, National Aviation University

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Criminal Law and Procedure


Олійник О.С., Бабіков О.П. Форми фіксації у кримінальному процесі України (теоретичний аспект та зразки процесуальних документів): практ. посіб. Харків: Право, 2021. 416 с.


Olijnyk O.S., Babikov O.P. Formy fiksacii' u kryminal'nomu procesi Ukrai'ny (teoretychnyj aspekt ta zrazky procesual'nyh dokumentiv): prakt. posib. Harkiv: Pravo, 2021. 416 s.



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Lykhova С., & Litvinova І. (2021). THEORY AND PRACTICE OF APPLICATION OF FIXING FORMS IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS. Scientific Works of National Aviation University. Series: Law Journal "Air and Space Law", 3(60), 211–212.