Modeling of the multipath routing using known paths with ONOS SDN controller




SDN, mininet, multipath routing, virtual network, known paths, ONOS


This article describes the modeling of the local network environment, which uses the OpenFlow protocol for communication between links in the system and the ONOS controller, which performs network management based on software defined networks (SDN) technology.

In the course of the study, a virtual network model was built using the mininet platform with an arbitrary topology. The controller reads information about devices in the environment based on the given model and forms a representation of the network in its memory. To find paths, method of multipath routing using known paths (from previous studies of connections on the topology performed by the controller) developed by the authors of the article was used. This method has one of the lowest time complexities among other methods. For the controller, a modification of the software routing algorithm, which is administered by the controller, was carried out in accordance with the selected theoretical method. Testing of the model that was built and verification of theoretical assumptions were performed. The number of transitions ("hops") between network links is used as a metric.


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