Improvement of the method of electrical energy measurement with a digital meter of transformer connection




electricity meter, metrological characteristics, measurement information, current transformer, accuracy, electricity accounting, voltage, current, measurement uncertainty


The object of research is the process of measuring electricity with a digital meter. The purpose of the study is to improve the accuracy of electricity metering with a digital transformer connection meter by improving the measurement method. As a result of research, the method of measuring electricity with a digital transformer connection meter has been improved. The method involves measuring the instantaneous values of voltage and current of the grid by measuring transformers, scaling of the received signals, multiple analog-to-digital conversion through a fixed sampling interval, calculation of discretized values of orthogonal projections of rotating vectors, vector braking. On the basis of the discretized values of the projections of the braked voltage and current vectors, the components of the total power are calculated. Numerical integration over time makes it possible to obtain estimates of consumed active and reactive energy. The method differs from the known ones in that there is no need to calculate the root mean square values of voltages and currents over the period. Due to this, the number of numerical integration operations is reduced, which decreases measurement uncertainty and increases accuracy. The advantages of this method include immunity and insensitivity to fluctuations in the grid voltage. The application of the method will reduce measurement uncertainty and increase the accuracy of financial calculations for electricity.


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