Protection of vehicle networks against unauthorized access through isolation of exchange protocols




wireless information and telecommunication system, protocols of closed, limited and open access, combined analysis of signatures and protocols, unauthorized intrusion


The article is devoted to the study of methods of protection of wireless information and telecommunication systems of transport. According to the results of the analysis of the methods of organization and ensuring the quality of service in promising information and communication and computer networks of critical application, it was found that the main problems for networks are the heterogeneity of network traffic and overloading, which worsen QoS indicators. Congestion prevention is implemented by building a multi-level hierarchical structure, but the methods of coordinating the interaction protocols of autonomous network segments need improvement. The specificity of wireless networks is the propagation of signals through a free environment, that is, fundamentally open access to signals as carriers of information that is transmitted from one subscriber to another. Therefore, in addition to the general problems of managing information and telecommunication networks, the problems of protection against unauthorized interference and external interference of various origins are quite acute in wireless networks. To protect network segments with closed access from unauthorized intrusion (hacker attack on the network, interception of vehicle control), methods of isolating closed access protocols from restricted and open (general) access protocols have been developed. Statistical indicators of messages, in particular, the number of incoming and outgoing IP, TCP, UDP packets during the observation interval, the time of receiving and sending packets, etc., are parametrically incompatible, and the corresponding coefficients of mutual correlation are values of the second order of smallness; sets of signature indicators of closed access, restricted access, and open access messages and signatures of attacks are components of vectors that are almost orthogonal to each other, and their scalar products are values of the second order of smallness; according to the results of statistical and signature analysis, attempts of both accidental and intentional unauthorized interference to segments with closed and limited access are filtered.


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