V. M. Kondratiuk, V. V. Konin, S. I. Ilnytska, O. V. Kutsenko


The perspective of extending the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service outside the European Civil Aviation Conference area is of great interest for Europe. Ukraine is among the first candidates for installation of the Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station on its territory to provide better coverage to the Eastern part of Europe, and it was a preliminary decision of European Commission that one RIMS will be placed in Kyiv region. However, the special requirements have to be fulfilled by the RIMS hosting candidates in technical, safety, and security aspects. The authors have made investigation of the best locations for the RIMS at the territory of Ukraine in scope of UKRAINE project, funded by the European GNSS agency (Horizon 2020, Grant Agreement #641514). It appeared that Zhuliany airport was one of the most attractive locations among analyzed sites. Therefore, the purpose of this article was to present some practical results from the measurement campaign in Zhuliany airport, which is considered as a candidate for RIMS installation in Kyiv region. Raw GNSS measurements have been collected from six points near the runways with use of double frequency geodetic type GNSS receiver and limitation on the satellites’ elevation angles of 5°. Among the verified parameters were: observed GNSS constellations; the "signal / noise" ratio of the received GNSS signals on L1 and L2; the number of phase "slips"; the level of multipath in navigational observations on L1 and L2 frequencies. The results of measurements and analysis are presented in corresponding graphs and plots in a paper.


Global navigation satellite systems; satellite based augmentation systems; European geostationary navigation overlay service; ranging and integrity monitoring station; multipath level; "signal / noise" ratio


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