B. Ya. Blagitko, Yu. S. Mochulsky


By means of mathematical modeling, the main features of emergency landing of quadrocopter are determined. The results of simulate landings of the quadrocopter in cases of failure of one of four pairs of electric motor screw are given. The methods of safe landing of an unmanned quadrocopter in case of failure of one of four pairs of motor-screw are proposed. The basis of the proposed methods is to use a parachuting effect. Parachuting achieved by forced off the power of the motor, which is located at the opposite end of the same yoke as faulty motor. As a result, the vertical speed of the quadrocopter at the time of landing significantly decreases in comparison with the speed of free fall.


Quadrocopter; altimeter; 3-axis gyroscope; 3-axis accelerometer; 3-axis magnetometer; control


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