• Sergii Shamanskyi National Aviation University
  • Sergii Boichenko National Aviation University



measurement error, standard metering nozzle, throttle device, wastewater measuring, wastewater meter


There are many flow meters and quantity-meters for liquids measuring with have sufficiently good metrological performance. In spite of this, in sewage systems of airline enterprises, as well as in many other sewage systems, registration of sewage water amounts is done mainly by estimation. The main reason of this situation is that those devices, which are successfully in use in water supply systems for clear water metering, does not perform good while being in use in sewage systems, because they are not tolerant to aggressiveness and disturbance of polluted sewage water. In this paper there is proposed a basic design principle of a differential pressure waste water quantity meter, which is based on a combination of a standard nozzle as a sensing device and a calculating device. There is shown that such a quantity meter will not have many drawbacks, which are appropriate to quantity meters with other principles of operation. There is analyzed metrological stability of the proposed quantity meter in comparison with a quantity meter, which uses a standard diaphragm as a sensing device. There are calculated metrological characteristics of the proposed quantity-meter. A conclusion is drawn that the proposed quantity-meter has advantages over a standard diaphragm, such as higher accuracy and better metrological stability.

Author Biographies

Sergii Shamanskyi, National Aviation University

Sergii Shamanskyi. Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD).
Doctoral candidate of ecology department, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Education: Vinnitsa State Technical University, Vinnitsa, Ukraine (1995).
Research area: improvement of water measuring systems in water supply networks and in sewage systems,improvement of sewage water treatment facilities.

Sergii Boichenko, National Aviation University

Sergii Boichenko. Doctor of Technical Sciences.
Head of the Department of Ecology, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Education: Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, Kyiv, Ukraine (1992).
Research area: effective and efficient usage of fuels and lubricants and technological liquids (chemmotology).


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Shamanskyi, S., & Boichenko, S. (2014). AIRLINE ENTERPRISES’ WASTEWATER MEASURING WITH A DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE WATER METER WITH A STANDARD METERING NOZZLE. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 64(3), 140–147.