Review of modern methods of sulfur connections definitionin structure of mineral oil


  • С.В. Бойченко National Aviation University
  • В.Ф. Новікова National Aviation University
  • В.М. Турчак National Aviation University
  • Т.В. Медвєдєва National Aviation University



concentration, fluorescent X-rays, methods, oils products, sulfur, spectrography, surround environment


 Sulfur and its compounds are natural components of crude oil. In general its well-known that sulfur has a negative influence on operational properties of fuels (corrodibility,  thermal-oxidative stability), on pollution of surround environment. Today in the whole world observes a continuous increasing of requirements to quality of car gasoline and diesel fuels concerning the content of sulfur and its compounds. For many years there were developed a lot of methods on sulfur determination. Chemical methods: 1) methods, which based on sulfur oxidation with following determination of oxides; 2) methods, which based on sulfur regeneration to a state of hydrogen sulphide. Spectral methods are based on X-radiation and atomic emissive. Chemical methods are widely used in past and are using today to determine sulfur in oil products. In connection with continuous growth of requirements on fuels regarding sulfur content, chemical methods are insufficient accurate and sensitive to content of very low sulfur concentrations. Moderate equipment, which use for determination of low sulfur concentration, is based on fluorescent X-rays spectrography. This method of analyze measures an intension of character fluorescent X-rays at specified wave length and energy. Methods of fluorescent X-rays spectrography are divided into two groups: 1) methods, which are based on decomposition of character ray on energy and signal intension measurements at specified values of energy on this ray, are called an energy dispersion fluorescent X-rays methods; 2) methods, which based on measurement of intension of character ray at specified waves length of this ray, are called a wave dispersion fluorescent X-rays methods. Atomic emissive spectrography with inductive plasma coupled is a perspective method of sulfur determination in oil products. It is an analytical method, which has a unique capabilities to determine many elements per one sample. Moderate methods of sulfur content determination have following advantages: a high rate of measurement (about 1 minute); a measure of elements low concentrations; a wide range of analytical signal line relation on concentration (to six indexes); a good repeatability of results on determination both micro- and macro-concentrations; a possibility to simultaneously determination to 80 elements. Though of above mentioned advantages, analyzers for determination of sulfur content are enough expensive and inaccessible for many laboratories.

Author Biographies

С.В. Бойченко, National Aviation University

д.т.н., проф.

В.Ф. Новікова, National Aviation University

к.х.н., доц.

В.М. Турчак, National Aviation University

к.т.н., доц.

Т.В. Медвєдєва, National Aviation University



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