• Marta M. Komnatska
  • Anatoliy A. Tunik



fuzzy optimization, fuzzy robust control, model with parameters un certainties, linear matrix inequality


 This paper deals with combination of two powerful and modern control tools as linear matrix inequality that is used for synthesis a ‘crisp’ controller and a fuzzy control approach for designing a soft controller. The control design consists of two stages. The first stage investigates the problem of a robust an controller design with parameters uncertainties of the handled plant in the presence of external disturbances. Stability conditions are obtained via a quadratic Lyapunov function and represented in the form of linear matrix inequalities. The second stage consists of the outer loop controller construction based on fuzzy inference system that utilizes for altitude hold mode. The parameters of the fuzzy controller are adjusted with a gradient descent method in order to improve the performance of the overall system. The case study illustrates the efficiency of the proposed approach to the flight control of small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Author Biographies

Marta M. Komnatska

Post-gaduate student National Aviation University.

Anatoliy A. Tunik

Doctor of Engineering. Professor National Aviation University.


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How to Cite

Komnatska, M. M., & Tunik, A. A. (2009). ROBUST STABILIZATION AND OPTIMIZATION OF FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM WITH STATE FEEDBACK AND FUZZY LOGICS. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 41(4), 33–41.