neural networks, machine learning, power supply, stratospheric UAVs, energy efficiency, battery, solar


Problems of application of neural networks during UAV design, and also questions of development of methods and algorithms of synthesis of neural network.

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Kharchenko, National Aviation University

Doctor of Engineering. Professor. Holder of a State Award in Science and Engineering of Ukraine. Winner of a State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Engineering. Director Aerospace Center Work at the National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Education: Kyiv Civil Aviation Engineers Institute with a Degree in Radio Engineering, Kyiv, Ukraine (1967). Research area: management of complex socio-technical systems, air navigation systems and automatic decision-making systems aimed at avoidance conflict situations, space information technology design, air navigation services in Ukraine provided by СNS/АТМ systems.

Alexander Onishchenko, National Aviation University

PhD student, Junior researcher at the National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Education: National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", NAU "KhAI", Kharkiv,Ukraine.(2018). Research area: Control of folding social and technical systems, aeronautical systems and systems of automatic reception of solutions, adapted to unique conflict situations, aerial vehicle design, Flight dynamics and assessment of aircraft.


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Kharchenko, V., & Onishchenko, A. . (2021). FEATURES OF THE USE OF NEURAL NETWORKS IN THE DESIGN OF UAVS FOR FLIGHT IN THE STRATOSPHERE. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 87(2), 6–11. https://doi.org/10.18372/2306-1472.87.15566




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