• Philip Pristavka National Aviation University
  • Oksana Tyvodar National Aviation University
  • Bogdan Martyuk National Aviation University




519.245, 519.674(045)


Purpose: One approach where recognition of objects in a digital image is based on a search for special points of the function of two variables model intensity lighting. As a model proposed to use a two-dimensional polynomial spline-based B-splines of order. For linear operators that determine the characteristics of a digital image is necessary to conduct appropriate studies partial derivatives of first and second order spline said. Methods: Active obtaining explicit views of partial derivatives and study of their standards and quality of approximation, further defining particular cases suitable for implementation in the software. Results: The paper proposes a calculation of differentials and their partial cases for two-dimensional polynomial spline based on B-splines of third order. Based on these, analogs of known operators that determine the local characteristics of digital images were proposed. Discussion: Further research may be to obtain similar operators based on combinations of two-dimensional B-spline above the second order analysis capabilities and their application to problems of digital imaging and video

Author Biographies

Philip Pristavka, National Aviation University

Philip Pristavka (1974). Doctor of Engineering, Professor.

Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics National Aviation University, Kyiv , Ukraine.

Education: Department of Applied Mathematics, Dnipropetrovsk State University , Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (1996).

Research area: theory of approximation methods of automated data processing, digital image processing and video.

Oksana Tyvodar, National Aviation University

Tyvodar Oksana (1994). Master of Applied Mathematics.

Education: National Aviation University, Kiev, Ukraine (2016).

Research area: digital image processing, predictive analytics and machine learning for finance and investing, application of modern statistical methods and tools towards investment for mid-term forecasting of financial time series and their interplay.

Bogdan Martyuk, National Aviation University

Martyuk Bogdan (1995) Student.

National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.


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Юрій Касьянов – YouTube [електронний ресурс] // https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTG6kc99C4U6GNEx7h_apwA

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Pristavka, P., Tyvodar, O., & Martyuk, B. (2017). FEATURE DETECTION FOR REALISTIC IMAGES BASED ON B-SPLINES OF 3rd ORDER RELATED TO INTERPOLAR ON AVERAGE. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 71(2), 76–83. https://doi.org/10.18372/2306-1472.71.11750