Internet of Things, IoT, security, sensors, cyber threats, cyber incidents, cyber-attacks


The work analyzes the importance and impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on modern society, where the Internet serves as a platform for the exchange of services and goods among connected objects. IoT defines the networked interactivity of smart objects, expanding interaction capabilities and providing smarter services. It is noted that IoT is rapidly transforming our daily lives and fostering interaction with technology, the environment, and other people. Various forms of IoT implementation are highlighted, ranging from simple tags to intelligent medical devices, emphasizing potential benefits for individuals. The article examines the applications of IoT in various fields, including smart homes, scientific research, information security systems, medicine, industry, transportation, agriculture, ecology, and entertainment. It is emphasized that the implementation of IoT can significantly improve efficiency, safety, and resource conservation in various sectors, with a focus on sustainable development and ensuring user comfort. The text also analyzes the problems and challenges associated with the security of the Internet of Things. Despite the myriad opportunities brought by IoT, serious threats such as device vulnerabilities, inadequate data protection, and the potential for cyberattacks exist. Concrete solutions are proposed in the paper to overcome these challenges, such as the development of standards for authentication and authorization, the implementation of secure software, enhanced data encryption, and the management of the life cycle of IoT devices. This underscores the need for a comprehensive approach that combines technical innovations, the establishment of standards, and the improvement of users' cybersecurity literacy to ensure the security and sustainable development of the Internet of Things.


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