• Oleksii Nimych National Aviation University
  • Larysa Klobukova National Aviation University
  • Kateryna Nesterenko National Aviation University
  • I. Yakoviv National Aviation University



mathematical software, software, database, SHF devices, computer-aided design, transmission lines, planar devices


Currently, machine design methods are widely used in the development of super high frequency devices (SHF), which are based on existing knowledge bases and databases. The development of computer technology has allowed based on computers to design various complex distributed systems, which by classical analytical methods are impossible to implement. Known results on the study of various SHF devices and their element base are presented in the Наукоємні технології № 3(55), 2022 © Nimych О., Klobukova L., Nesterenko K., Yakoviv I., 2022 177 form of databases of various subject areas. Growth in the rate of information transfer has led to the need to develop new approaches to the development of mathematical support (MS) and software. At the same time, the main problem is the lack of universal MS and software, which allows to solve a wide class of problems of designing various SHF devices relatively easily. The choice of suitable software is quite a complex problem and depends on the experience and qualifications of the developers. As a rule, when selecting software, developers turn to various highly specialized experts, who quite often are also unable to give reasoned advice. Therefore, the selection of the required class of software for SHF device design from the large variety of existing packages is an important task. Analysis of recent publications has shown that the design of SHF devices currently uses hundreds of different ASPs, developed based on different approaches to the development of models and methods of their analysis. This circumstance does not allow us to choose the appropriate ASP relatively quickly. In addition, when solving the design problems by different methods, often the results differ from each other. That is, the result depends on the used ASP. Thus, to get the best result sometimes it is required to solve the same problem by different methods. And after that the choice of the best result is made. Such a procedure requires high economic costs and does not guarantee the best results. The purpose of the article is to acquaint SHF device designers with the mathematical and computer-aided design software most suitable for the development of distributed systems. The article provides an analytical review of modern mathematical support and software for computer-aided design of SHF systems in 1D, 2D, 3D modeling formats.

Author Biographies

Kateryna Nesterenko, National Aviation University

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor

I. Yakoviv, National Aviation University

Postgraduate student


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