About the Journal

The primary aim of the REDMO-2024 is to elaborate on principles and approaches to planning and implementation of complex measures to restore ecosystems, taking into account the experience of European states in this field.

The conference is intended as a platform for discussion of the damage caused to the environment as a result of Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine and analysis of accumulated experience in assessing environmental risks and opportunities. The participants will have an opportunity to share experience in application of modern methods of environmental monitoring and forecasting to minimize the consequences of anthropogenic impacts on the environment.

Scientific Sections & Topics

  1. Practices of modern environmental monitoring
  2. Environmental risks assessment and prognosis of ecosystem dynamics
  3. Preservation of protected areas and the Emerald Network during military actions
  4. Economic dimension of environmental damage from military actions
  5. Ecosystems under combined pressure of climate change and military actions
  6. Experience of restoring ecosystems after wars and man-made disasters
  7. Building partnership and raising awareness in search for efficient restoration solutions