Integration of measuring channels of three-phase digital electricity meter




measurement uncertainty, electricity meter, measuring channel, current transformer, accuracy, information and measurement system, characteristic


The object of this research is the process of electricity measurement with a digital three-phase electric energy meter. The goal is to increase the accuracy of electricity measurement with an electric energy meter connected with a current transformer by software integration of measurement channels. The proposed method involves using the space vector method for electricity measurement. It is proposed to measure the instantaneous values of currents and voltages of a three-phase electrical network using electromagnetic measuring current transformers, performing analog-to-digital conversion to obtain digital readings of signals, to calculate complex values of space vectors, to find the total power as a product of the voltage vector by the conjugate current vector. The real part of the total power corresponds to the active power, the imaginary part to the reactive power. By integrating power over time, the corresponding energy values are calculated. The advantages of this approach are the absence of the need to calculate the root mean square values of currents and voltages, which is one of the main sources of measurement uncertainty. Also, the increase in accuracy is achieved due to the software combination of calculations for three measuring channels. The application of the proposed approach makes it possible to reduce the uncertainty of electricity measurement, which increases the accuracy of calculations for consumed electricity.


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