Model for assessing the efficiency of information security systems functioning in interdependent critical infrastructures




critical infrastructure, interdependent critical infrastructures, critical infrastructure objects, efficiency, efficiency evaluation model, investment optimization, security level


Today, the critical infrastructures of nations differ significantly from one another in different countries, but the indisputable unifying factor is the close relationship and complex interdependence of a multitude of information and communication technologies. The security of our country, as well as the quality of life of its citizens, depends on the continuous reliable operation of a complex of interdependent infrastructures, including transportation, electricity, oil, gas, telecommunications and emergency services. And a failure in one infrastructure can quickly and significantly affect another. Modern infrastructures are almost completely dependent on new information technologies and the Internet, and often for their reliable operation they need to be connected to each other through electronic, informational communications. And while these technologies allow for huge gains in efficiency, they also create new vulnerabilities. Thus, there is a need to develop new models and methods to ensure the stable functioning of interdependent critical infrastructures (ICI). The paper presents a model for assessing the effectiveness of IS systems functioning, which, due to the representation of ICI in the form of Markov and semi-Markov processes, introduction of changes in the state space and transition matrix, allows to optimize costs and investments in the IS system while simultaneously ensuring a given level of its security. In addition, an experimental study of the proposed model was conducted. The use of this model makes it possible to comprehensively evaluate the main indicators of investment in ensuring the security of ICI of the state, taking into account budgetary restrictions on the total costs incurred.


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