LoRaWAN, means of cryptographic protection of information, crypto-code structures, loss-making LDPC codes


In the conditions of the growth of Internet of Things technologies, ensuring information security is becoming an urgent problem. It has been determined that LoRaWAN is currently the most promising wireless communication network for the Internet of Things (IoT). However, the proprietary LoRa modulation and encryption technology is "covered" by Semetech's patent, leading to cyber-incidents of reverse-engineering keys from the device; hacking the network using default credentials or vulnerability and stealing keys from the server. As a means of improving the existing algorithm, it is proposed to integrate into the existing hardware part of the IoT device an additional microcontroller (a means of cryptographic protection of information) with built-in algorithms of McEliece and Niederreiter crypto-code structures on modified LDPC codes in order to strengthen the encryption algorithms of LoRaWAN technology used in data transmission in the middle of the network and to ensure the security of the external circuit, it is suggested to use a developed server, which is physically located in the place where the gateway with access to the external communication channel of the Internet will be located.


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