Arithmetic-Logic Single-Electron Nanocircuits




quantum cellular automata, single-electron tehnology, majority element, computer-aided design, arithmetic-logic devices, nanocircuits


Computer–added design of single-electron nanoelectronic circuits on quantum majority components has been implemented. Proposed methods of building logic-arithmetic computing devices of the combinational type, which implement an almost complete system of logical functions in both the majority and Boolean bases. Quantum cellular automata is a technology that emerged two decades ago, in which the values of logical states correspond to the positions of individual electrons. Quantum cells are used to construct logic nanoelements and arithmetic nanodevices. The work is dedicated to the computer design of modern logic and arithmetic devices, which include universal majority elements. In the work, quantum nano-devices are modeled using QCADesiner automated design system.

Author Biographies

Oleksandr Melnyk , National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Candidate of Sciences (Engineering)

Associated Professor

Department of Electronics, Robotics, Monitoring & IoT Technologies

Viktoriia Kozarevych , National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Senior Lecturer

Department of Electronics, Robotics, Monitoring & IoT Technologies


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