Delayed Fuel Consumption Optimization System


  • Maryna Mukhina National Aviation University, Kyiv
  • Artem Nikulin National Aviation University, Kyiv



air delay, holding fuel, fuel consumption, flight level, flight speed


In this work, we considered the problem of optimizing the crowd during aircraft delays before landing. Having examined the statistics, we can conclude that there was a constant increase in passenger traffic from 2013 to 2018. But also due to the constant growth of passenger traffic, the percentage of flights with delays is increasing. The problem is that that most of the flights accounted for a small percentage of the most "popular" airports (In Ukraine, 75 percent of all flights accounted for the airports of Boryspil and Zhuliany). Although since 2019 the number of air travel around the world has dropped sharply over time, the number of air travel will return to the previous number and even continue to grow. Also, a new problem has now arisen for air carriers - a significant increase in aviation fuel prices. According to the Mundi Index, since December 2021, there has been a constant increase in the price of fuel for aircraft. This is an additional incentive for airlines to optimize their routes in order to avoid unnecessary fuel costs.  In this work, on the example of a flight for a Boeing 737 from Riga to Odessa, two parameters were considered, when changing which it is possible to minimize fuel costs during a delay. An algorithm was also developed to optimize crowd costs on flights with delays.

Author Biographies

Maryna Mukhina, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Doctor of Engineering Science. Professor

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Artem Nikulin , National Aviation University, Kyiv


Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Faculty of Air Navigation Electronics and Telecommunications


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