Methods of Processing Data in Measuring Instrument with Non-orthogonal Orientation of Inertial Sensors




non-orthogonal measuring instrument, inertial sensor, neural network, search of failures, dynamic range


The paper deals with improving methods of processing data in measuring instruments with non-orthogonal orientation of inertial sensors. The method of processing measuring information based on neural networks is represented. The method for searching failures of separate sensors in the redundant non-orthogonal measuring instrument based on neural networks is proposed. The method for widening the dynamic range of redundant non-orthogonal measuring instrument is described. The appropriate calculating procedures are represented in details. Description of the represented methods is accompanied by representation of modelling results. The proposed approach ensures improving accuracy and reliability of measurements. The obtained procedures can be especially useful for designing measuring instruments assigned for application in unmanned aerial vehicles.

Author Biographies

Volodymir Golitsyn, National Aviation University, Kyiv


Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications

Olha Sushchenko , National Aviation University, Kyiv

Doctor of Engineering. Professor

Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications


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