Barometric Altimeter Based on Microelectromechanical Sensor




pressure sensor, microelectromechanical system, Arduino Uno, calibration, altitude, altimeter


The paper considers a barometric altimeter based on a microelectromechanical sensor. An algorithm for obtaining height using the BMP180 sensor is presented, which can be used in various fields of technology and industry. The work also used a variety of parts that ensured the quality and accuracy of the altimeter. A program code for calculating the height has been developed. An experimental study of the operation of the apparatus was carried out.

Author Biographies

Mykola Vasylenko , National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Candidate of Science (Engineering). Senior lecturer

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Viacheslav Dzhus , National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine


Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department


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