Microelectromechanical Gyrovertical





microelectromechanical system, gyroscope, gyrovertical, spatial position, roll, pitch, yaw


Gyroscopic verticals (gyroverticals) are designed to determine the direction of the true vertical on moving objects. Being one of the devices of the orientation system of a moving object, they are used as sensors for the roll and pitch angles of an aircraft (or sensors of similar angles for other moving objects) and serve to create a platform stabilized in the horizon plane on a moving object. The electrical signals taken from the measuring axes of the device are used in flight, navigation, radar systems, visual indicators, etc. Gyroscopic stabilization systems are widely used as the basis of integrated management systems on aircraft and miniature unmanned aerial vehicles for generating signals proportional to the angular deviations of the aircraft in space in terms of roll and pitch angles and for stabilizing and controlling the position in space of optical equipment. At present, sensors based on the technologies of microelectromechanical systems are widely used in small aircraft. Their important advantage is small weight and size characteristics, and the main disadvantage is low accuracy. Such sensors are used in navigation systems and automatic control systems of aircraft. In particular, algorithms for calculating the orientation angles of an unmanned aerial vehicle are known, using information from microelectromechanical angular velocity sensors. However, due to large drifts, an error accumulates in time and, as a result, the operating time is limited.

Author Biographies

Mykola Vasylenko , National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Candidate of Science (Engineering). Senior Lecturer

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Maksym Mahas , National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine


Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department


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