Estimation of the Required Dimension of Net to Capture Drone


  • Nikolay Tupitsyn National Aviation University, Kyiv



net area, capture of drone, conus of trajectory, velocity and normal overload of drone, mean square deviation


A method for estimating of the required dimension net to capture drone is proposed. The results of calculations of the drone movement trajectories in horizontal and vertical planes depending on velocity and normal overload are presented. The calculation of the trajectories in the horizontal plane was carried out based on formula of the coordinated turn at constant values of a speed and normal overload. An analytical solution of the differential equation system for the isolated movement of the drone in the vertical plane is obtained. According to performed calculations, delivery of the net to the unwanted drone should be carried out with high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle in order to reduce the interception time and, accordingly, to reduce the required area of net for it capture.

Author Biography

Nikolay Tupitsyn, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Candidate of Science (Engineering). Associate Professor



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