Video Surveillance System of Target Contour




video surveillance, automatization, filter, contour, contour detection, image processing


The paper considers the problem of object detection and recognition, namely, its solution without the use of expensive, resource-intensive and complex data collection and processing systems, with the possibility of its mobility, ease of installation and initial setup. The available ways and methods of solving the problem, their advantages and disadvantages are given. The operation of the system according to an algorithm developed on the basis of the method of object recognition, namely the selection of contours by a filter based on the Canny operator, is presented. The article presents intermediate and final illustrations of the system algorithm at each step, which gives an opportunity to get acquainted with its advantages over classical video surveillance systems and some disadvantages. Elements such as a webcam with a video frame rate of 25 frames per second, a mobile phone and a personal computer with the MatLab2021 programming environment installed (chosen due to the ease of use and the presence of built-in image processing functions) were used to demonstrate the system's performance.

Author Biographies

Mykola Vasylenko , National Aviation University, Kyiv

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Candidate of Science (Engineering). Senior lecturer

Maksym Haida, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department



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