R. I. Manuylenko, R. L. Pantyeyev, A. P. Kozlov, Y. A. Opanasiuk


The problem of determining the location of radio emission sources by means of the time difference of arrival method is considered. The advantages and disadvantages of this method are analyzed. When solving equation systems, it is used Newton's iterative method. In this case, there are cases where Newton's method diverges, and the solution cannot be found. Jacobean is close to zero, if the radio emission source coordinates are located on the segment connecting the observation stations. The method of parameterization of the calculation system for increasing the convergence of the Newton method is considered. The efficiency of the proposed parameterization with different mutual arrangement of the passive radar system and the source of radio emission is analyzed, and proved for greater accuracy calculations should be chosen that hyperboloid, the angle at the top of which is the smallest. It was shown the conditions by that the hyperboloid parameterization allows object coordinates determining with rather high accuracy.


Passive radiolocation; equations system parameterization; Newton method convergence; hyperboloid; direction finding; time difference of arrival method; radio emission source


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