M. K. Filyashkin


The dubiousness of instantiation of the gyroverticales which based on micromechanical
accelerometers and on micromechanical gyroscopic sensors is shown. Based on the analysis of the
frequency characteristics of the errors of micromechanical gyroscopes and accelerometers, the expediency of their integration using the method of mutual compensation is shown. The algorithms and results of
research of the integrated micromechanical gyroverticales which are based on compensation schemes with first-order and third-order dynamic filters with forcing are given. The approaches to the solution of the problem of the calibration integrated micromechanical gyroverticales in the flight are shown. The conducted researches of the proposed gyrovertical with the flight's calibration and with correction scheme showed good filtering properties and acceptable accuracy of measuring angular orientation parameters.


Accelerometer; acceleration; angular velocity sensor; angular orientation; compensation scheme; estimation; correction; calibration


M. K. Filyashkin and M. P. Mukhina, “Gyro-accelerometric method of determination of angular orientation parameters,” Systems of Control, Naviga-tion and Communications, no. 2 (30), pp. 56–62, 2014.

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MPU-6050 Six-Axis (Gyro + Accelerometer) MEMS MotionTracking™ Devices https://www.invensense. com/products/motion-tracking/6-axis/mpu-6050/

M. K. Filyashkin and T. I. Maryasova, “Algorithms of suboptimal filtration in the schemes of integration of inertial-satellite systems by the method of compensation,” Electronics and Control Systems, no. 2 (28), pp. 100–106, 2011.

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