• Sergii Filonenko National Aviation University



acoustic emission, amplitude, composite material, energy, mechanical processing, model, resultant signal, statistical characteristics


A model of acoustic emission formation during machining of the composite material for the prevailing thermoactivative destruction of surface layer is represented. It is determined that the resulting acoustic emission signal is a continuous signal with the strongly broken shape. The dependences of the variation of the amplitude and energy of the resulting acoustic emission signal in time are obtained. It is shown that if process of composite material destruction is stable in a different intervals of analysis, stable values of amplitude characteristics of the resultant acoustic emission signal are observed.

Author Biography

Sergii Filonenko, National Aviation University

Filonenko Sergiy. Doctor of Engineering. Professor.
Director of the Institute of Information-Diagnostic Systems, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Education: Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine (1977).
Research area: diagnostics of technological processes and objects, automatic diagnostic systems.


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Filonenko, S. (2015). ACOUSTIC EMISSION MODEL WITH THERMOACTIVATIVE DESTRUCTION OF COMPOSITE MATERIAL SURFACE. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 62(1), 57–62.