• Mykola Volokha National Aviation University
  • Larisa Boldyrieva National Aviation University



modelling, root, sugar beet, technical means, technological process


The Article highlights specific features of process simulation and technical facilities related to sugar beetproduction. It reviews the literature sources and specifies distinctive properties of the created models . Basing upon theanalysis conducted the main principles of process simulation of sugar beet growing and cropping are proposed.

Author Biographies

Mykola Volokha, National Aviation University

Volokha MykolaDoctor of Science, Associate professor, Department of Computer Technologies of Design and Graphics, Institute ofAirports, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.Education: Agricultural Academy, agricultural engineering, mechanic engineer qualification, Kyiv, Ukraine

Larisa Boldyrieva, National Aviation University

Boldyrieva LarisaTeaching Assistant, Department of Computer Technologies of Design and Graphics, Institute of Airports, NationalAviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.Education: National Agrarian University, agricultural engineering, mechanic engineer qualification, Kyiv, Ukraine


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Volokha, M., & Boldyrieva, L. (2014). SIMULATION TECHNOLOGY OF SUGAR BEET. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 61(4), 133–139.