• Natalia Кіchata National Aviation University
  • Vasyl Zaplatynskyi National Aviation University




ecological indicators, ecological problems, suburban area


Nowadays the investigation of ecological state of suburban areas in Ukraine is one of the leading problems. The suburban areas of Kyiv, environmental problems and their causes are described. Some ways and measures for improvement of environmental situation in the suburbs of Kyiv were revealed. The conclusion of the importance of suburban areas for city life activity was made and the urgent necessity for further all-round investigation of ecological issues of suburban area was shown

Author Biographies

Natalia Кіchata, National Aviation University

Кіchata Natalia. Postgraduate Student.

Department of Safety of Life Activities, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Education: National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine (2006).

Research area: ecological safety

Vasyl Zaplatynskyi, National Aviation University

Zaplatynskyi Vasyl. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences. Associate Professor. President of Academy of Safety and Bases of Health. Vice-president of the European Association for Security.

Department of Safety of Life Activities, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Education: Institure of Agriculture of UAAS, Chabany, Kyivsky region, Ukraine (1992).

Research area: international and national safety


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Кіchata N., & Zaplatynskyi, V. (2014). ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT OF SUBURBAN AREAS OF KYIV. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 57(4), 95–99. https://doi.org/10.18372/2306-1472.57.5564