The process of flushing the gravitational cleaner from pollution cleansers


  • С.О. Пузік National Aviation University
  • В.С. Манзій National Aviation University
  • В.О. Закревський National Aviation University
  • В.С. Шевчук National Aviation University



gravitational cleaner, detergent, kinetic friction, rolling friction, pollution, precipitate plate, washing


 During the dirt accumulation the operating efficiency of the cleaners is decreasing and can be restored by cleaning the surface of sedimental plates cleaner. The condition of washing cleaner from pollution is excess of stokes forces on sliding friction force and size that characterizes the roll friction. Inequalities for all computed values of stoke strength were arranged and solved relative to waste of certain cleaning fluids. Thus: the flushing gravity cleaner with considered detergents is possible, more efficient process is to wash with detergent that has higher kinematic viscosity coefficient.

Author Biographies

С.О. Пузік, National Aviation University

к.т.н., доц.

В.С. Манзій, National Aviation University

к.т.н., доц.

В.О. Закревський, National Aviation University

к.ф.-м.н., доц.

В.С. Шевчук, National Aviation University

к.т.н., проф.


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Пузік, С., Манзій, В., Закревський, В., & Шевчук, В. (2010). The process of flushing the gravitational cleaner from pollution cleansers. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 42(1), 54–57.