• Svitlana Madzhd National Aviation University
  • Yana Pysanko National Aviation University
  • Yelyzaveta Gogunska National Aviation University




river basin, hydroecosystem, maximum allowable concentration, small rivers, anthropogenic impact


The main objective of this work is the study of the ecological state of small rivers in the Irpin river basin within the Kyiv region. The establishment of the main reasons for the unsatisfactory ecological state of the investigated objects, among which are Nyvka, Kozka and Unawa rivers. Methods: The study used an ecosystem-basin approach, statistical processing of own data and monitoring data of public institutions. The systematization was carried out and a data bank of hydrochemical indicators of the Irpin river for a ten-year period was formed. Results: According to the results of studies, in all tributaries the norms of maximum allowable concentrations of pollutants are exceeded, which is the main destabilizing factor for the Irpin hydroelectric system. Conclusions on the environmental condition of the Irpin river were performed on the basis of the dynamics change of the water quality index in eight control points. For the quantitative ecological characteristics of the load on the hydroelectric system of the Irpin river basin, the index of anthropogenic impact in the control sections was calculated. Discussion: The obtained results stipulate the necessity of further study of structural and functional peculiarities of the development of the Irpin hydroelectric system in space and time. An estimation of the influence of anthropogenic factors on the state of the hydroecosystem will allow the correction of environmental protection activities to improve the ecological status of the studied basin.

Author Biographies

Svitlana Madzhd, National Aviation University

Ph. D. in tech. sc.

National aviation university, Kiev, Ukraine

Education:National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (2002)

National aviation university (2011)

Research area: improving environmental monitoring in the technosphere zone of influence of civil aviation, methods of improving the ecological state of the environment near airlines

Yana Pysanko, National Aviation University

Ph. D. stud.

Education: Kiev national university of construction and architecture (2015)


Research area: small and medium rivers, influence of civil aviation on hydrosphere

Yelyzaveta Gogunska, National Aviation University


National aviation university, Kiev, Ukraine

Research area: small and medium rivers


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Madzhd, S., Pysanko, Y., & Gogunska, Y. (2019). ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT OF SMALL RIVERS OF IRPIN RIVER BASIN BY EKOSYSTEM PRINCIPLE. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 77(4), 81–87. https://doi.org/10.18372/2306-1472.77.13501