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flight safety, guaranteed flight safety level, safety management system, rysk analysis


Considering statistics for the last decade on accident/incident of a question of providing guaranteed  flight safety level is the most relevant as shortcomings and problems of functioning aviation activity are explained by lack of general-theoretical basis and the standard scientifically based approaches to safety management system which development has to be guided upon the demand of ICAO which defines that any region should not have accident/incident frequency level more than twice exceeds universal. These are the following main areas: introduction of an acceptable level of flight safety in the state; mandatory procedures for the development and implementation of  safety management system; obligatory procedures for ensuring direct management of the level of the flight safety within acceptable or established level of the enterprise (continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the flight safety, corrective actions required to maintain the agreed flight safety indicators and monitoring, flight information analysis, risk management, etc.) [1,2].

Purpose of methodology consists in association in the only complex of tasks of assessment, providing and verification of safety aviation activities as complex hierarchical structure with independent critical elements and also hardware, program, network and ergatic komponen which are both means, and subject to safety.

The realization of ensuring the guaranteed result consists in realization of management processes so that not to allow transition of infrastructure or its systems to potentially dangerous state and to provide blocking (exception) of the corresponding technical object in case of threat of transition or upon transition to a dangerous state and minimization of consequences of such transition.

Author Biographies

Volodymyr Kharchenko, National Aviation University

Doctor of Engineering. Professor. Vice-Rector on Scientific Work of the National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Editor-in-Chief of the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Aviation University. Winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Honoured Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine.

Education: Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Research area: management of complex socio-technical systems, air navigation systems and automatic decision-making systems aimed at avoidance conflict situations, space information technology design, air navigation services in Ukraine provided by СNS/АТМ systems

Oleh Alexeiev, National Aviation University

Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Associate Professor of Air Navigation Systems department of Institute of Air navigation in National Aviation University.

Education: Faculty of Air Traffic Services, State Flight Academy of Ukraine, Kirovograd, Ukraine (2000).

Research area: improvement and automation of a professional selection system and development of professional-major.

Tamara Kolesnyk, National Aviation University

Postgraduate student in Aviation Transport of National Aviation University.

Education: Institute of Air Navigation Services, National Aviation University (2016).

Research area: Decision making, Flight Safety Management, prevention and investigation of aviation events and incidents.


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