• Nataliya Philyk National Aviation University
  • Ganna Grabovska National Aviation University



author, intellectual property, intellectual property objects, labour relations, official work


Purpose:: to find out the legal protection of official works. In this article, the authors examine the peculiarities of legal regulation for official works. Separate issues on amendments to labor legislation are considered. Methods of research: for the analysis of legal protection for official works in the context of legislation, the method of induction, system approach, formal-legal and case-study methods are used. Results: in the course of the research attention is focused on the shortcomings of the current legislation, and the main directions of improvement of the current legislation in accordance with the international legal norms in the context of the protection of objects on official works are formed. Conclusions: the obtained results confirm the increase of the efficiency of the system of protection of intellectual property on the service works will have a positive impact on the reformation of the intellectual property protection system in Ukraine. Thus, further improvement of the legislation in the sphere of legal regulation on official works is necessary in order to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with the present challenges.

Author Biographies

Nataliya Philyk, National Aviation University

PhD (Law), associate professor, professor of the Department of Civil Law and Trial, Educational and Research Institute of Law, National Aviation University

Education: Lviv Academy of Commerce (1996).

Research area: Intellectual Property.

Ganna Grabovska, National Aviation University

PhD (Law), associate professor, associate professor of the Department of Civil Law and Trial, Educational and Research Institute of Law, National Aviation University.

Education: Ternopil Academy of National Economy, (2004)

Research area: Intellectual Property.


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