• Dmitriy Bezzubov National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine; State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine




economic security, financial bleeding, financial capacity, important condition


Purpose: The article the problem of formation of economic security. Disclosed principles, functions and methods of providing financial security. The ways of improving the mechanism of providing financial security. Methods: Formulate continuous logic in building the theoretical foundations of the system of financial security. It is shown that this idea may have the same conceptual framework: description, values, goals, mechanisms. Logic afford to provide clarity to ensure the integrity of financial security. Results: For economic growth and the successful functioning of the national economy neohidno a clear, stable, efficient tax system. The current tax system is an excessive burden for producers. Discussion: Aspects of the main approaches to the formation of a system of financial security of the state in terms of legal crisis and transformation vidchyznyanoho legislation. Definition of financial security as part of national security, which forms the economic direction counter threats.

Author Biography

Dmitriy Bezzubov, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine; State Aviation Administration of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Candidate of Law, Associate Professor.

Actiing Head of the Department of Economic Law and Procedure of the National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Education: Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kyiv, Ukraine. (2008).

Research area: National security, methods to ensure state security administrative mechanisms.


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