• Tetyana Reva Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine



tertiary medical education in Ukraine, tendencies in vocational training of pharmacists, pharmaceutical industry


Purpose: In the article there has been substantiated the practicality of analysing trends emerging in the contemporary vocational training system of pharmacists-to-be in higher medical education in Ukraine, which resulted from the requirements of the state to train competitive specialists in pharmacy in the labor market and from the demands of society in ensuring efficient and effective pharmacotherapy along with prevention of the population from the diseases. Methods: In the article there have been used theoretical methods – the method of theoretical and comparative analysis to do the review of the works of scientists on the development of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine for the period of formation and development of its sovereignty; the synthesis method for grouping trends occurring in the modern pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, which, at present, are the reflection in modelling educational process of vocational training of pharmacists in the domestic higher educational institutions. Results: While doing the synthesis of information sources on the development of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine for the period of establishment and development of its sovereignty, there have been specified, substantiated and characterised the leading trends in the development of modern pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, which, at present, are the reflected in modelling the educational process of vocational training of pharmacists in the domestic higher educational institutions. In the opinion of the author of the article those trends are as follows: 1) strengthening the moral principles of training for the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, which are based on ethics to follow in a pharmacist profession, in a communicative interaction with people needing advice of specialists-pharmacists; 2) orientation to European standards of pharmacy, which are based on high standards of customer service, an increase of social responsibility to society for the quality of services in public health; 3) boosting of domestic pharmaceutical production of medicines and medical equipment in order to overcome the import-dependence of the domestic pharmaceutical market. Discussion: The author accents that given the major trends which have been singled out in this scientific investigation, it is important to take into account that the pharmaceutical industry is a complex set of interrelated elements whose effectiveness will depend on effective training system of personnel for the pharmaceutical industry; investments into domestic research projects to develop new medicines; effective system of sales of the medical products and effective marketing activity.

Author Biography

Tetyana Reva, Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Candidate of chemical sciences. Associate Professor.
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Education: Gorky State University, Ukraine (1990).
Research area: vocational training of pharmacists-to-be, theory and methodology of of pharmaceutical education.


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