• Olha Sushchenko National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine



Н∞-synthesis, inertially stabilized platform, loop-shaping, method of mixed sensitivity, robust controller


Purpose: Operation of inertially stabilized platforms mounted on the ground vehicles is accompanied by influence of significant parametrical and various coordinate  disturbances. To keep high operating characteristics of a system in such difficult conditions it is possible using approach to robust system design. Creation of robust inertial stabilized platforms requires further research and development in contrast to design of robust systems of motion control. Methods: One of the modern approaches to robust system design proposed by modern control theory is H¥-synthesis. Problems, which are important for practical applications, it is convenient to solve using method of the mixed sensitivity as it takes into consideration conflicting design goals including robust performance and stability. The method is combined with loop-shaping that allows achieving desired amplitude-frequency characteristics of the designed system. This is achieved by choice of the appropriate weighting transfer functions, which define bounds of the designed system amplitude-frequency characteristics. Results: Grounded recommendations to the choice of components of inertially stabilized platforms operated on the ground vehicles are represented. The mathematical model of the system with gearless drive is developed. The optimization criterion is derived and weighting transfer functions are chosen. The structure of the robust controller in the form of quadruple of state space matrices is represented. Results of synthesised stabilization system simulation show its resistance to significant parametrical and coordinate disturbances taking place during its operation on the ground vehicle. Conclusions: Efficiency of the proposed design approach is proved by results of simulation in conditions of significant parametrical and coordinate disturbances. Obtained results can be widespread on inertially stabilized platforms operating on the other type of vehicles, for example, special aviation aircrafts, carrying out cartographic surveys, monitoring and other similar functions. They can be also useful for design of unmanned aerial vehicles equipment.

Author Biography

Olha Sushchenko, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine

D. Sci., Associate Professor.

Aircraft Control Systems Department, National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Education: Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine (1980).

Research area: systems for stabilization of information and measuring devices.


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Sushchenko, O. (2016). ROBUST CONTROL OF INERTIALLY STABILIZED PLATFORMS FOR GROUND VEHICLES ON THE BASIS OF -SYNTHESIS. Proceedings of National Aviation University, 68(3), 24–34.