• Е. Ясиніцький National Aviation University
  • Р. Гупало National Aviation University



alternative energy sources, biofuel, biogas, biomethane, gas turbine engine, gas turbine plant, high-power plant


A problem of implementation of biofuel for power plants of big capacity was considered in this
article. Up to date in the world practice a wide implementation of biogas plants of low and medial
capacity are integrated. It is explained by the big amount of enterprises in which relatively small
volumes of organic sediment excrete in the process of its activity. An emphasis of article is on that
enterprises, which have big volumes of sediments for utilizing of which module system of medial
capacity biogas plants are non-effective. The possibility of using biogas and biomethane as a fuel
for gas turbine engine is described. The basic problems of this technology and ways of its solutions
are indicated. Approximate profitability of biogas due to example of compressor station located
nearby poultry factory was determined also. Such factors as process characteristics of engine with
capacity of 5 MW, approximate commercial price for natural gas and equipment costs due to
official sources of “Zorg Ukraine” company was taken into consideration. The necessity for
providing researches on influence of biogas on the process characteristics of gas turbine engine and
its reliability, constructing modern domestic purification system for biogas was shown.


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