Acoustic Emission During Composites Fracture According von Mises Criterion and Changing of its Properties Disperstion




acoustic emission, amplitude of acoustic emission, signal duration, destruction criterion, composite material


The results of modeling composite elements process destruction by shear force according to von Mises criterion and acoustic emission signals generated with decrease of composite properties dispersion are considered. It has been determined that decrease of composite properties dispersion leads to increase the rate of fall the curves change in the remaining elements in time and decrease the time of fracture process. It was found that with decrease of composite properties dispersion there is increase of generated acoustic emission signal amplitude and decrease in its duration. It has been determined that the regularities of generated acoustic emission signals maximum amplitude increase and acoustic emission signals duration decrease are well described by power-law functions. Comparison of the obtained data with the data at composite destruction according to the OR criterion is carried out. It has been determined that the patterns of acoustic emission signals maximum amplitudes and durations change are similar. However, when using the OR criterion, the values of acoustic emission signals amplitudes and durations are higher than when using the Mises criterion.

Author Biographies

Sergii Filonenko , National Aviation University, Kyiv

Doctor of Engineering Science. Professor

Aerospace Faculty

Anzhelika Stakhova, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Doctor of Engineering Science. Professor

Aerospace Faculty


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