Research of Precision of Non-collinear Inertial Measurement Devices


  • Olha Sushchenko National Aviation University, Kyiv
  • Yurii Bezkorovainyi National Aviation University, Kyiv
  • Volodymir Golitsyn National Aviation University, Kyiv



cosine guides, inertial sensor, non-collinear measurement device, measurement error, precision


The non-collinear measurement devices based on the inertial triaxial devices, and structural units such as the triangular, and quadrangular polyhedrons are presented. The corresponding matrices of guide cosines are obtained. In contrast to the known non-collinear measurement devices, the measurements of all sensors that are part of the triaxial devices are taken into account. A description of the relative position of the measurement axes of the individual sensors in the proposed measurement devices is given. Theoretical estimation of non-collinear measurement devices of MEMS-sensors on the basis of uniaxial and triaxial angular velocity meters using correlation matrices of measurement errors is obtained. The obtained results are useful because they are aimed at providing high-precision and reliable measurements that is important for unmanned aerial vehicles, which are currently widely used in Ukraine.

Author Biographies

Olha Sushchenko, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications

Doctor of Engineering. Professor

Yurii Bezkorovainyi, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications

Candidate of Engineering. Associate Professor

Volodymir Golitsyn , National Aviation University, Kyiv

Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications

Post-graduate student


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