Acoustic Emission at Properties Change of Composite Destructed by von Mises Criterion


  • Sergii Filonenko National Aviation University, Kyiv
  • Anzhelika Stakhova National Aviation University, Kyiv



Acoustic emission, amplitude of acoustic emission, signal duration, destruction criterion, composite material


The results of theoretical studies influence the parameter characterizing the composite properties on acoustic emission signals parameters during composite material fracture by a shear force using von Mises criterion are considered. It has been determined that with increase of influencing parameter, there is decrease the maximum amplitude and duration of generated acoustic emission signals. In this case, a decrease the maximum amplitude of acoustic emission signals is ahead of decrease in their duration. It has been determined that the regularities of acoustic emission signals maximum amplitude and duration decrease with an increase the parameter characterizing the composite material properties are well described by power functions.

Author Biographies

Sergii Filonenko, National Aviation University, Kyiv

Aerospace Faculty

Doctor of Engineering Science. Professor

Anzhelika Stakhova , National Aviation University, Kyiv

Aerospace Faculty

Candidate of Engineering Science


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