Synergy Effect Using Vertical-axial Wind Power Plants




synergy, renewable energy, vertical axial wind turbines, hybrid power plants, energy efficiency


The necessity of using a synergistic effect in energy systems that include vertical axial wind power plants is shown. The ways of achieving a synergistic effect at different levels of the system hierarchy are considered: at the lower level, this is the construction of wind farms, consisting of a group of vertical-axial rotors, located in a certain way in space, at the middle level, the inclusion of wind farms in a hybrid energy system, which may additionally include: solar power plant, wave energy plant, hydroelectric power plant, gas combustion plant, etc. at the upper level – synergies between energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. For the problem solution of synergy effect achievement it is proposed to use the Navier–Stokes differential equations solution for cluster of three wind-energy stations with further optimization based on Genetic algorithm.

Author Biography

Victor Sineglazov , National Aviation University, Kyiv

Aviation Computer-Integrated Complexes Department

Faculty of Air Navigation Electronics and Telecommunications

Doctor of Engineering Science. Professor. Head of the Department


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