P.P. Shapovalov


 The BRLS – is the radio-location system based on the flight object of difference classes. The main idea of BRLS is obtained radio-location information (RLI) about air-,space-, and ground objects (targets), including adverse weather conditions and the absence of vision contact with object. The structure of BRLS consists of one or more antennas, one or more transmitters, receiver, processor (device) for processing radar signals and radar data, the indicator on the cathode-ray tube and other. RLI is extracted either from the echo radio-signals resulting from the reflection of radio waves from an object irradiated with radar sounding signals or radio signals from radar, reradiated active  device located at the object. BRLS can be combined with various methods of separating RLI. The processor output data post to the indicator and to the on-board computer for farther usage. 

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